.who I am

The world is changing. So are you & so do I. 


I was taken in a moment of imperfection in an imperfect world. Sometimes I remind myself of good times & sometimes I remind myself of moments I´d rather forget. But this collection of moments is me. It´s who I am! It´s what makes me, me! And as unique as my pictures are, am I. It is my world, my life, I´m living in.


Your life is unique as well & though there might be some days that don´t seem to be good enough, they define who you are. Wear everyone of these days! Wear you!


be you. be limiloulu. 

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.why me

I am you!


That inner voice you hear, when there´s nothing but silence. I am that little piece of rebel that is left deep inside you.

I am that sound of a voice that is telling you, that everything is possible in a world that gives instructions for your every move.

I am a voice, telling you not be scared & try it anyway. I am there for you - every moment of the day. I am you! Your inner child! Your inspiration, to try the impossible. There´s nothing you can´t do! You just gotta live!


be you, be limiloulu.  

Limiloulu .loves

I would not live the life as I do, if there weren't those special people that come into it one day and refuse to leave until now. Sometimes you lose sight for a while but those who are supposed to remain will find their way back. I would like to introduce you to the Family of limiloulu! It´s friends and companions. Those people might not be many but they are the right ones. Without them, there would be no me. 


be you. be limiloulu. 

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