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Life is like a book! If you don´t travel, you only get to read the first page. I want to know the whole story from the beginning to the very end. So I go out there, go places, see things, swallow impression and live the cultures I see. I feel the need to expand and I want you to expand yourself. Live a life of an open mind. Only those who aren't afraid to lose sight of the shore can be able to see the world like it is. A various, colorful place that offers endless possibilities.                           TATSPHOTOGRAPHY


be you. be limiloulu. 


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MASIPHUMELELE | Township | Cape Town



A township just a few km outside of Cape Town, where the spirit of endurance was needed by the people for decades. So these words in Xhosa are still an expression of their hope of better times to come.


In the early 1980´s a small group of approximately 500 black people started the first informal settlement close to where Masiphumelele is today. Under Apartheid laws these families were repeatedly chased away by force. So they had to live even 30km away in the poorly set up township of Khayelitsha.  


Only after the Apartheid had ended, a group of people (approx. 8000) from Khaelitsha joined by a few thousands of the Eastern Cape who hoped to find work in the Western Cape, started again in 1991/92 to set up their own community at the area which was then known as “Site 5”, but renamed Masiphumelele soon after. 


These days counting is not possible; it is expected to have approximately 50000 people be living there. In simple and small huts; if lucky simple built houses. One of the problems is crime, another that many families do not have enough food for their children. Many houses are very poor and especially during the winter months the living conditions are extremely hard. We do not have to mention a big infection rate of HIV/AIDS and TB in Masiphumelele.


In January 2017 I worked for 2 weeks in different nurseries of Masi.

Sung, laughed, danced and played with these lovely kids. I met so many hearty people; incredibly helpful; with great optimism to take every day as it comes. There were problems with electricity. Most of the huts do not have toilets or even running water. Especially the nursery in the “Wetlands”, an approx. 20sqm room with only one window, housing about 30 children (aged 8 months to 5 years). No air conditioning in summer, no heating in winter. Toilet is a paint bucket (in front of the room in summer, in the room when it rains).


Especially the early years in a child´s life are critical for development as they are a period of rapid physical, mental, emotional, social and moral growth. This is considered by experts to be the most crucial stage in life, a stage that has more influence on the future well-being and learning prospects of an individual than any other.


I have never felt so strong and weak at the same time. Have never been concurrently happy and sad, brave and powerless. I have never felt as human as in these days!!


Back in good old Germany I have the insane calling to be where I´m not. The strong feeling to give something back of the privileged life we are able to live, by just being born in a country like Germany.


I miss the beauty of South Africa & the laugh of these kids.


To be honest. I lost my heart on them, what makes me pack my bags again!


Be you. Be limiloulu. 

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